How Can We Assist You?

By using our database 400 contacts in print, TV and other media platforms, TOCG will provide the exposure needed to elevate your brand or project. Our consultants will craft messaging that is tailored to maximize market exposure in all lanes. Whether it’s planning and executing a stellar press event or bringing in media coverage at offsite events and capturing valuable content, your partnership with TOCG will position your brand to stand out above the rest. The relationships we have cultivated in the media community in Houston, statewide and nationally have made TOCG the local firm of choice when media coverage needs arise. Our team has outstanding relationships with CNN, MSNBC, Texas Tribune, Houston Chronicle as well as all local television networks and may other outlets. We have also provided coverage for statewide, local and county election candidates, we can work with you to plan a one-time media coverage event or serve as your ongoing media partner.  



Allow The Odom Consulting Group to ignite the creative spark behind your brand. As the managers of your brand, our team will create a unique promotional plan with your individual company needs at the top of mind. Our marketing strategists will work to ensure that your message is authentic, informative, and impactful, delivering a powerful and lasting first impression. Allow our team of writing professionals to create messaging that will inform, educate, or persuade your targeted audience in a way that conveys your brand's mission, vision and purpose. TOCG will facilitate bringing your brand’s voice to life. Whether it’s creating and coordinating the design of promotional materials, drafting content for mission, vision, and related corporate material, TOCG can handle projects of all magnitudes, opportunities, plan/execute events, increase client base, and help advance the brand and marketing goals to maximize exposure. Should your organization need a content refresh, our writing team is proficient in communicating messages for a variety of professional audiences, including board reports, c-suite communications, policy documents and marketing materials. We produce traditional and web-directed copy that accurately represents our clients’ core values and key messages.  



Looking to increase your organization’s participation for diverse businesses? Interested in contracting or partnering with minority and women owned firms, and now sure how to get started? TOCG has extensive experience in developing vendor and supplier diversity programs for organizations large and small. Additionally, our team of experts can assist in your organizational leadership in developing your diversity & inclusion philosophy, mission statement, and strategic rollout to your organization.
Allow our team of professionals to work with you to create a solid and collaborative strategic vision for your organization. Our staff can plan and execute your staff or board retreat, ensuring the collective input from your team is captured and translated into a roadmap for success. We also specialize in assisting small and mid-sized businesses in identifying their unique business strengths, differentiators and market advantages. Our clients can rely on our consultants to target their growth opportunities and address and remove impediments to business growth.  



Connecting organizations with their target markets and key demographics is an essential part of business success and program effectiveness. The Odom Consulting Group employs proven strategies to reach and engage stakeholders and community partners to the product/message of our clients. Our team will plan, execute, track and deliver an outreach plan that will surely provide the desired results and exposure.